Advancing the Vaccine Law Dialogue

Pre-conference: September 13 Washington, D.C.

Leah Durant, JD

Leah Durant, JD

Owner and Principal Attorney of the Law Offices of Leah V. Durant, PLLC


Leah Durant spent a decade and a half working with individuals with serious medical and developmental needs. Leah Durant obtained her law degree in 2004 from the University of Maryland School of Law, and became an appellate attorney with the Civil Division of the United States Department of Justice where she argued cases before multiple United States Courts of Appeal. Durant currently serves as Principal of the Law Offices of Leah V. Durant, P.L.L.C., where she accepts vaccine cases and files vaccine claims nationwide on behalf of clients who have suffered a vaccine injury. Leah Durant helps her clients receive fair and appropriate awards in vaccine cases before the Court of Federal Claims.