Advancing the Vaccine Law Dialogue

Pre-conference: September 13 Washington, D.C.

To everyone who helped to make the
2023 National Vaccine Law Conference a success.

Charting The Course For Vaccine Law Beyond The COVID-19 Era

The National Vaccine Law Conference (NVLC) is a discussion forum on all aspects of vaccines and the law, from clinical development through administration. Our mission is to advance vaccine law as a field and strengthen laws that facilitate vaccine innovation, access, safety and confidence.

About the Conference

The 2023 NVLC brought together multidisciplinary stakeholders for a legal dialogue focused on vaccines, practical learnings and networking. With over 300 registered attendees, and approximately 100 speakers, this conference united experts in public health, vaccine development and manufacturing, medicine and pharmacy, vaccine finance and delivery, vaccine coverage and access, and the practice and study of vaccine law.

Learning tracks were led by preeminent experts, encouraging fact and research driven dialogue in core areas of vaccine law. Participants received rich content and immediate take-aways to support development, access and use of timely, safe and effective vaccines.

This year, we are excited to have offered a pre-conference Symposium, which took place on September 13, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Vaccines for Children program, reflect on lessons learned, and assess current challenges and opportunities for its future. The conference was launched with a reception on the evening of September 13 honoring Sara Rosenbaum with The Vaccine Law Vanguard Award to recognize her many contributions to vaccine law.

Date & Location

September 13 : Vaccines for Children Pre-Conference
September 14-15: National Vaccine Law Conference

The George Washington University
Washington, DC

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“The National Vaccine Law Conference provides the opportunity to share insights on panels, connect with peers and learn from others.”

-Alexandra Bhatti, JD, MPH

“We need a broad multi-stakeholder defense of vaccines including the legal foundations.”

-Mark Del Monte, JD

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NVLC Topics: Advancing Dialogue in Core Areas of Vaccine Law

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protections are a cornerstone of vaccine development and innovation. The NVLC convenes legal practitioners, vaccine innovators, IP scholars, and those interested in IP developments and emerging issues.

Research & Development

Vaccine clinical development is highly complex. Overall, the regulatory landscape for vaccines is designed to ensure that vaccines are safe and effective, and that the benefits of vaccination outweigh any risks. While the process can be lengthy and expensive, it is critical for protecting public health and ensuring that vaccines are available to those who need them. The NVLC convenes vaccine innovators, legal practitioners and scholars interested in vaccine regulatory developments and emerging issues.

Vaccine Safety

Once a vaccine is licensed, it continues to be monitored through post-marketing surveillance for safety and effectiveness, including monitoring of adverse events. The NVLC is a forum for those interested in the legal environment surrounding vaccine safety.

Vaccine Injury

Laws that shield vaccine manufacturers from liability and compensate vaccine injuries are essential to sustaining vaccine markets and vaccine confidence. The NVLC is a forum for all interested in vaccine liability protections and injury compensation.

Vaccine Confidence

Vaccine confidence is impacted by many factors, including sources of misinformation and disinformation, health care providers and public health officials. The NVLC confronts the many challenges to maintaining and strengthening vaccine confidence and equity with a legal lens.

Public Health & Preparedness

Public health legal authorities help facilitate routine and pandemic vaccine uptake, which is essential to preventing the spread of disease and protecting population health. The NVLC is a forum for public health leaders and frontline workers, national organizations committed to advancing public health, as well as vaccine innovators, scholars and legal practitioners.

Finance, Coverage & Access

Vaccine access is dependent on a complex system of financing and coverage and legal approaches that alleviate barriers to access. The NVLC is a forum for government and private payors, vaccine innovators, providers, and public health officials to dialogue on legal approaches to achieving maximum vaccine access.

Workplace/Workforce Vaccination

Employers have been at the forefront of vaccination, hosting seasonal vaccination clinics, navigating the legal complexities of the pandemic and encouraging routine vaccination of employees and their families. The NVLC brings together legal practitioners, employers, vaccine innovators and public health officials for dialogue on vaccination and the workplace.

Health Providers & Payors

Health providers have substantial vaccine-law responsibilities given their role in immunization administration and care delivery. Payor decisions regarding quality measures, provider panels, reimbursement methods, and coverage/medical necessity determination processes should be guided by state and federal regulations, contracts, and other legal requirements that impact vaccination. At the NVLC, participants will discover proven strategies to meet legal obligations and explore collaborations that promote access to safe and effective vaccination.



















View the 2023 Conference Agenda HERE.