Advancing the Vaccine Law Dialogue

Pre-conference: September 13 Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth Platt, JD

Elizabeth Platt, JD

Director of Research and Operations, Center for Public Health Law Research, Beasley School of Law, Temple University


Elizabeth Platt, JD, MA, is the Director of Research and Operations at the Center for Public Health Law at Temple University Beasley School of Law. Elizabeth leads several rigorous legal data tracking projects and assessments using policy surveillance methods, including the Prescription Drug Abuse Policy System (PDAPS), a source of legal policy data tracking key state drug laws as well as the CityHealth project, the leading assessment of how the nation’s largest cities fare when it comes to different policy domains that impact people’s everyday wellness and quality of life. Elizabeth also leads several other collaborative legal data tracking efforts, including the Center’s legislative tracking work with other public health organizations through the Act for Public Health Initiative.

She has over nine years of experience in policy surveillance at the national, state, and local level and is an adjunct professor at the Temple University Beasley School of Law, teaching courses in public health law.