Advancing the Vaccine Law Dialogue

Pre-conference: September 13 Washington, D.C.

Session – Vaccine Misinformation, Hesitancy, and Refusal

Time: 10:50AM – 12:20PM, Thursday, September 15, 2022
Location: Van Metre Hall MPR 125

This session will provide discussion of legal tools and strategies to address vaccine misinformation, hesitancy, and refusal


Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, Professor of Law, University of California, Hastings College of Law

Peter Jacobson, Director, Center for Law, Ethics, and Health University of Michigan School of Public Health

Daniel Salmon, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Brian Dean Abramson, Author, Vaccine, Vaccination, & Immunization Law, and Adjunct Professor of Vaccine Law at the Florida International University College of Law