Advancing the Vaccine Law Dialogue

Pre-conference: September 13 Washington, D.C.

Phyllis Arthur

Phyllis Arthur Vice President, Infectious Diseases & Diagnostics Policy at Biotechnology Innovation Organization Bio: Phyllis Arthur is the Vice President for Infectious Diseases and Diagnostics Policy at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). In this role, she works with member companies in vaccines, molecular diagnostics and bio-defense on policy, legislative and regulatory issues. Prior to joining … Read more

Carla Mouta-Bellum

Carla Mouta-Bellum JD/ PhD, Partner, Arrigo, Lee, Guttman & Mouta-Bellum, LLP Bio: Carla Mouta-Bellum has been a partner of the firm of Arrigo, Lee, Guttman & Mouta-Bellum, LLP, since 2018. She has previously been with Finnegan Henderson, and a Principal Investigator for the Maine Medical Center Research Institute. She received her Juris Doctor from the … Read more

Richard Wilder

Richard Wilder, JD Senior Scholar, O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University, Professor of Practice, University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law  Bio: Richard Wilder started his professional life in engineering and then studied law – with a particular focus on intellectual property law. Over the past two decades his … Read more

Rahul Das

Rahul Das USPTO Office of Policy and International Affairs Rahul Das is a patent attorney with the Office of Policy and International Affairs (OPIA) at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Mr. Das is on the patents team at OPIA and he develops and formulates domestic and international patent policy and provides advice on … Read more

Minna Moezie

Minna Moezie USPTO Office of Policy and International Affairs Ms. Moezie began with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 1992 as a pharmaceutical patent examiner. In 2000, she became a Supervisory Patent Examiner in an art unit examining pharmaceutical patent applications. Ms. Moezie moved to USPTO’s Office of Policy and International Affairs (OPIA) in 2002 to work … Read more

Daniel Salmon

Daniel Salmon, Ph.D. Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Bio: Dr. Salmon’s primary research and practice interest is optimizing the prevention of childhood infectious diseases through the use of vaccines. He is broadly trained in vaccinology, with an emphasis in epidemiology, behavioral epidemiology, and health policy. Dr. Salmon’s focus has been on post-licensure vaccine … Read more

Tony Yang

Y. Tony Yang, ScD, LLM, MPH Professor in Health Policy, Executive Director, Center for Health Policy & Media Engagement at The George Washington University School of Nursing Bio: Y. Tony Yang is an endowed professor (with tenure) in Health Policy at the George Washington University School of Nursing with a joint appointment at the Milken … Read more

Kirill Reznik

Kirill Reznik Member, Maryland House of Delegates.  Bio: Kirill Reznik is a Ukrainian-born American member of the Maryland House of Delegates representing Montgomery County, Maryland. Reznik has served in the Maryland House of Delegates since he first took office in 2007. His assignments have included the Committee on Health and Government Operations, and the Subcommittee … Read more

Michelle Mello

Michelle Mello Professor of Law and Health Policy, Stanford University Bio: Michelle Mello is a leading empirical health law scholar whose research is focused on understanding the effects of law and regulation on health care delivery and population health outcomes. She holds a joint appointment at the Stanford University School of Medicine in the Department … Read more

Nicholas Diamond, LLM, JD, MBE

Nicholas Diamond, LLM, JD, MBE Partner, Jackson Walker Bio: Nicholas “Nick” Diamond is a Partner at Jackson Walker LLP, based in the firm’s Houston, Texas, office. He is a regulatory lawyer with extensive, international experience counseling clients across the food, healthcare, life sciences, medical device, and technology sectors. While his practice primarily focuses on compliance … Read more